Using more appropriate keywords:

To get better results on searching, please provide additional word beside your main keyword. Forexample, if you looking for lecturing material on robotic, please type: robotic lecture in the search box, not only write robotic. The lecture keyword is available on the checkbox.

Site Restriction

You can restrict the searching process only on specific websites or domain using keyword: site:sitename. Forexample, if you looking for the multimedia document only in brawijaya university's website, please type: multimedia site:ub.ac.id

You can use the complete name of  a website or a group of domain. Forexample:

  • site:ilmukomputer.com <-- searching only in the directory of ilmukomputer.com
  • site: ac.id <-- restrict searching only in websites with domain ac.id (only search  in website of universities in Indonesia)
  • site: edu  <-- only search on universities website which using edu domain website.

Specific Document Searching

ELDOXEA document search engine at this time only provide searching through file with the extention name of:doc (Microsoft Word), ppt (Microsoft PowerPoint), pdf (Adobe PDF), and other standard text files. ELDOXEA not include the format file of: html and xls (Microsoft Excel).
You can specify the results of searching only on specific file format that allowed on ELDOXEA. Forexample , you want to search only file with ppt extention. Please write the keyword with additional keyword: type:ppt.


Q: Why the file that i click cannot preview on Google Docs?
A: Not all files can opened by Google docs. Maybe It because of the file need authentication for access or the file is not available anymore.

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